• Gijs de Vries

    “The modern leader connects the drivers of employees and those of the organisation. The created symbiosis stimulates significance as shared cross-cutting. The next generation of leaders should be more cross-cutters.”

  • Marcel Levi

    A modern leader lets the employees shine.

  • Tom Kliphuis

    “The modern leader connects his/hers own passion and that of all employees to the mission of the organization.”

  • Pauline van der Meer Mohr

    “Professionals flourish in trust, autonomy, maximal facilitate en being guided on means and result.”

What do we do?

The Executive Network (TEN) provides executive search and interim management services at the senior management, management board and Board of Supervisory Directors/Supervisory Board level. Our mission is to connect our clients with the best candidates in the market, thereby helping them to realise their strategies. Attracting visionary people who have a genuine ability to “deliver the goods” is the guiding principle in almost all our assignments. We believe that our profession can only deliver success when professional expertise is combined with knowledge of the industry and current...

Who we are?

TEN was founded in 2009 by Tim Kamphorst, Jan Rapmund and Marty Tuk. The team was soon supplemented with colleagues, each of whom contributed specific experience in the markets of our clients, and now consists of experienced specialists in Executive Search and Interim Management. The TEN office in Wassenaar coordinates one of the most robust networks in the Netherlands. A network that we are delighted to make available to our clients by undertaking assignments and by providing a networking platform for our clients.


Offering a vision and a genuine ability to “deliver the goods” requires specialist research & service provision skills. We know only too well that the world around us is changing rapidly and that, by extension, other profiles and competences are required by our clients. Our research has focused on identifying this development. By extension, at TEN, we are constantly innovating and improving. It is all about our personnel, processes, methods and use of technology. TEN provides its clients and candidates with three types of services.

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TEN Trendletter

No leadership without vision! This vision is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain due to our rapidly changing world. After all, how do you know what you do not know? Because this kind of information overload is often difficult to filter, The Executive Network delves into the latest trends and innovations and periodically compiles the TEN Trendletter for its clients.


Vrouwen met toptalent

Vrouwen met toptalent: vergeet jezelf niet! Er wordt veel geschreven en gezegd over vrouwen aan de top. Conclusie: er zijn genoeg vrouwen beschikbaar om nu en in de toekomst topposities te bekleden (Monitorrapport 2013 van Talent naar de Top), maar desondanks bekleedt een vrij mager aandeel vrouwen topposities.

Executive Agenda

Date: 19 November 2014
Event: Dinner The Executive Lounge
Location: Het Scheepvaartmuseum
Organization: The Executive Network

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