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Pension funds, management companies, pension administrators, and asset management companies are experiencing continuous changes in the world around them. Examples include the low levels of interest rates, new legislation concerning the strengthening of governance, and the Algemeen Pensioenfonds. Consolidation, remaining connected to grass roots (young and old alike) and continuing to invest post-pension date are


TEN has a strong position in the financial sector, of which the banking sector is one of the main cornerstones. The banking sector has reinvented itself during the last ten years. There has been much focus on compliance, risk, and balance sheet management. However, the wishes of clients and technological developments are rapidly evolving. A

Professional services

Professional service providers deliver mostly products that are generally not regarded by customers as their core business, but which do add to it. Because of all the technological developments such as digitisation and online tools, many services are now directly available to the customers of service providers, and in some cases demand for them has


Companies in the energy, telecoms, water, and infrastructure sectors share the need of having to be ‘on’ all the time. Good infrastructure is the foundation for our prosperity and well-being. Infrastructure includes not just airports, ports, and rail, waterway, and road networks, but also energy, water, and telecoms companies. The sector also extends to waste


One of the main features of the Dutch agri-food sector is that of entrepreneurship. High-tech also plays a larger role among the many family businesses, cooperatives, and ‘corporates’, which dominate the sector. Modern technology and the need to become more sustainable are the drivers behind investment, innovation, and consolidation in the sector. This is particularly


The care sector is evolving rapidly, not least as a result of legal and regulatory changes, the effects of market forces, and performance-related funding. Other factors are reward-based regulations and the increasing demand for transparency regarding care options. The professionalism of care organisations and management is increasingly being put to the test. Demand for care

Housing association

As a result of the entry into force of the Housing Act 2015, housing association are concentrating more and more on their core activities. For example, they are focusing less on matters related to the letting or sale of homes, and more on how best to offer their services and help their customers. Non-core activities


The construction sector is undergoing a significant transition. Turnover is growing markedly, as indeed is foreign competition, and there are also changes to government outsourcing models, higher expectations among consumers, and huge opportunities from new technologies. Operating successfully in this industry requires old-fashioned skill and knowledge of the construction sector and all its traditional facets.

Family businesses & family offices

The family business operations of TEN concern large and medium-sized organisations alike. TEN supplies its services to both family offices and businesses. Many family offices have a need for a far-reaching enhancement of their professional capabilities. This leads to the recruitment of new supervisory directors, chairs of the trust foundation and managers of investment and

Real estate market (commercial)

The commercial real estate market is experiencing large-scale changes and developments. This is a complex playing field with many challenges and opportunities. At the same time, it entails risks and many stakeholders are dependent on it. The impact of technological innovations on society is significant and the real state is no exception. Buildings and their

Retail & FMCG

Two different industries that are becoming increasingly interconnected because of digitisation are FMCG and retail. Producers are increasingly selling directly to end-consumers, while retailers are becoming ‘experience providers’ or just collection points. In every case, the internet is playing a key role. Many of TEN’s assignments are related to innovation. An essential part of this


The insurance sector is undergoing structural changes. These changes are being caused by disruptive technologies and changing market conditions. The impact on business and operational models is immense. The future of insurance companies is being determined by flexible, digital organisations. This means that ‘InsurTech’ and digital technology will be playing a decisive role. New ways

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