Jan Rapmund


Jan Rapmund (b. 1959) graduated from the Faculty of Law at Erasmus University, Rotterdam in 1985. In 1989, after working at AEGON for a number of years, he founded Corinthe Executive Search.
During the development of Corinthe Executive Search into Corinthe Companies, Jan performed numerous managerial functions, primarily as consultant for the managing directors. Jan left the company in 2008 and co-founded True Value Investments, a venture capital firm in the commercial services sector. Jan is a partner of The Executive Network and is particularly involved with supervisory directorships.

About Jan
The phrase “if I’m anything, then I’m a connector”, loosely based on the words of writer and fellow Hague native Louis Couperus, sums Jan up perfectly. In his own words, “Connecting people is a fantastic perk of the job. Of course, we are well paid for our work, but many an unpaid link is made by word-of-mouth. Job satisfaction is key.” Connecting people is also often the product of insatiable curiosity; what makes people successful and what doesn’t? These characteristics combine to make up the headhunter Jan Rapmund.

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