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Tom (1974) received his grade in Technichal Mathematics from Delft University of Technology in 1995. His career started at GeoDelft, a research institute in civil engineering. After his first management role at GeoDelft and receiving his MBA-grade at University of Phoenix, Tom switched to Berenschot, an consulting firm. He fulfilled several consulting and projectmanagement assignments. In 2005 he left Berenschot for Aegon Bank. As COO he reshaped the organization of customer service, back-office and IT. After that, he became director Productmanagement&Pricing for Aegon The Netherlands. In this role he simplified the product portfolio and introduced a successful new pricing strategy. In 2017, Tom joined The Executive Network where he specializes in the Professional services sector and Construction.

About Tom

Tom is characterized by people who work with him as: a sharp analyst, with a big heart for people. He is always looking for the (unfulfilled) potential in people and organizations. What drives him is: making people ‘tick’ and thereby create great results for organizations.
One of the most important aspects of leadership is to translate the dynamic, sometimes chaotic environment, to an accessible and inspiring story for the organization, to make people move in the right direction. Based on research and his own experience, Tom is convinced of the importance of diversity in teams, on all levels of the organization. Homogeneous teams are not only less effective, but boring as well.

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